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2020 JP Ultimate Wave 94 Pro

2020 JP Ultimate Wave 94 Pro
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JP Ultimate  Wave  94  Pro  wave

Modelljahr: 2020

  • Volume:........94  ltr.
  • Lenght: .......228  cm
  • Width: .........60.0  cm
  • Weight: .......6.3 kg +/-6% (kg)
  • Fin:............. 2 x Multi Wave 15.5 (RTM) Carbon Slot box + 2 x Side Wave 10 (RTM) Carbon Mini Tuttle box
  • Boards come with: 2x fin (yellow), 2 Side Fins (Quad set-up) + 2 Mini Tuttle Box covers.
    For Twinser-use in the same range use 2cm bigger fins (table on the right)
  • Fin Box:.......3 x Slot box + 2 x Mini Tuttle box
  • Footstraps:...3 positions
  • Technology:.. PRO EDITION in S-Glass Technology with Innegra Parabolic Rails.
  • Sail Range:.... ideal sail size 4.8-5.8  rec. sail size > 4.7


The Ultimate Wave will stun dedicated wave sailors around the globe. You will feel at home at every wave spot in any given conditions. The board carves fast, turns smoothly and maintains speed anywhere from huge down-the-line waves to mushy onshore rollers. It responds instantly to rider input and changes from rail to rail comfortably and extremely quickly. The grip and rail bite will give you the confidence to push your personal limits when carving turns on anything from medium to XXL waves. It will reward progressive sailing with turns that you used to dream of. This is the ultimate wave board!

What our riders say

Jason Polakow: “The Ultimate Wave 83 was perfect for 8-foot Cloud Break . It has that fast rocker line which helps me to keep my speed off the bottom and the narrow tail really helps the board hold-in off the top”

Robby Swift: “The Ultimate Wave is an evolution of the Radical Quad which was already an amazing board. It has more speed, better grip and is all round a better board. I love it because I can honestly take this one board anywhere in the world with me and I know it will work. From Sylt to Pozo to Chile to Maui it has everything I need in all conditions. ”

Leon Jamaer: “Ultimate fun wherever I sail no matter if it’s the Baltic Sea or at Skeleton Bay. I really love the acceleration and drive in turns.”

Jules Denel: “The Ultimate Wave is my favorite wave board from Wissant to Cape Town to Maui. It works amazingly in all conditions!”

After 4 years of development, the Ultimate Wave was introduced to the JP range last year as a successor to the popular Radical Thruster Quad and Thruster Quad. Its speed, early planing and maneuverability made it more than just a worthy replacement.
For 2020, the general shape of the board remains unchanged, but several new features make JP‘s all-star performance wave board even more comfortable to use. Double foot-strap holes come at the request of many of our customers and pro riders and completely eliminate any chance of the straps twisting. The foot straps feature measurement markings to allow you to quickly set up your board to your perfect foot strap size. The new, thicker deck-pad increases comfort and cushions the landing of big jumps and aerials.
The result is an even more fine-tuned and brilliant wave board which feels at home in side-onshore, side-shore and down the line conditions.

Our pro riders tend to choose this board over any other model from PWA competitions in Sylt and the Canaries, all the way to the IWT events in Chile and Maui and the boards excel in all locations. Morgan Noireaux won his third Aloha Classic title using the final prototype of the Ultimate Wave 83.

The success of the shape comes from the outline and bottom shape concept. The bottom features a flat V in the front, which transforms into a double concave in the middle, then into a deep single concave under the foot straps and tapers off with a gentle V right at the tail. This creates a flat scoop rocker line in the middle but keeps the curved one on the rail. The flat centre line delivers speed and planing power.

A thin rail shape throughout the board in combination with a soft tuck line makes the boards slice through the wave face providing the grip and rail bite everybody is looking for.

The quad fin setup enhances top-end wave performance and the 5-fin box setup enables tuning to personal preferences, giving the boards greater range of use from onshore to down the line conditions.

This new board is Jason Polakow’s Ultimate Wave!



Key Features

1. Radical down-the-line wave board

2. Quad fin setup with multiple fin options

3. Slotbox with fin positioning scale

4. Innegra Parabolic Rails

5. New Footstrap with scale for easy adjustment to the foot size and 4 screw fixation

6. S-Glass

7. Double Footstrap Plugs







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