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2020 NEILPRYDE V8 twin_cam freerace 5,2

2020 NEILPRYDE V8 twin_cam freerace 5,2
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Alter Preis: 829.00 EUR
Preis: 539.00 EUR
inkl. 19 % MwSt. 2020 NEILPRYDE V8 twin_cam freerace 5,2 2020 NEILPRYDE V8 twin_cam freerace 5,2

2020  NEILPRYDE  V8  twin_cam freerace


V8 5,2

  • Size: ............. 5,2
  • Gabel / Vorliek 176-182/397
  • Variotop: ........fixed
  • Weight kg:......4.25
  • IMCS / MAST:.... 17 / 370 RDM
  • Latten: ...........7
  • Cams:..............2
  • Anwendung:....Twin_Cam Freerace
  • C1 black/blue C3 red/pink




Directly derived from the RS:RACING development program, the V8 offers true race sail performance without the downsides.

Extreme early planning, soft rotation, wide wind range, great upwind and top end control, the V8 has the extra power and drive needed to accelerate and go fast on high performance boards.

The Twin cams and deep profile will help you keep your planing through the lulls and maintain top-end speed.

The sail configuration makes it considerably lighter in maneuvers and less physical than pure race sails. Slalom for everyone / non stop planing.



_race like feel performance

Race inspired luff sleeve and deep, powerful profile combined with airflow battens layout and integracams.

_easy handling of a freeride sail


Easy rigging - requires less downhaul tension than a pure race sail and only 2 cams which also make jibing rotation extremely soft and effortless.

_foil compatibility

It actually became our sail of choice when learning, testing and developing our Windfoil program thanks to early planning and profile stability when on the foil.





Airflow battens


Twin seams

Double stitching is used on all critical seams across our sails, allowing them to endure prolonged exposure to high loads and impacts.


Tubular battens


Two clew grommets


Clew loopster


Integra cams













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