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2020 NEILPRYDE Zone Pro HD 4,5 wave

2020 NEILPRYDE Zone Pro HD 4,5 wave
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2020  NEILPRYDE  Zone PRO HD down the line wave


Zone Pro HD 4,5

  • Size: ............. 4,5
  • Gabel / Vorliek 159/384
  • Variotop: ........fixed
  • Weight kg:......3.14
  • IMCS / MAST:.... 17 / 370 RDM
  • Latten: ...........4
  • Cams:..............---
  • Anwendung:....Wave
  • C2 purple/blue



There’s windsurfing. There’s surfing. And there’s something else. When you go there, you’ll need the Zone.


If you’re heading for a pure surfing experience, then the Zone is your ride.
Fast, soft feeling, maneuverable; the Zone provides flawless rail riding turns and velocity down the line.The neutrality and invisibility of the Zone in your hands, is something you would never have imagined!



_on & off

tetron and PVC leading edge allow the Zone to power up or depower instantly. 



low swing weight due to High Ultra-Scrim content and neutral profile.


_soft and forgiving

straightest luff curve for reduced vertical body tension combined with low back hand pressure. 





Featuring Ultra High Molecular Density yarns.
Balanced uni-directional strength characteristics.
25% lighter than Ultra Web. 2x stronger than traditional scrims.


POWERFUSE panels are there to strategically re-distribute the tack and clew loads throughout the sail’s body; improving the sail reflex without deforming the laminates.
POWERFUSE transforms wind energy into power, instead of losing it through material stretch.
It helps profile stability and prevents deformation.

Fuse Batten pockets

We have taken out traditional, seperate batten pockets by overlapping body panels to efficiently create a sleeve for battens. This reduces unnecessary weight, simplifies construction and creates a fully symmetrical batten cavity, eliminating the tendency of traditional batten pockets to load differently from one tack to another.

HD window

Tetron & PVC luff area

Twin seams

Double stitching is used on all critical seams across our sails, allowing them to endure prolonged exposure to high loads and impacts.













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