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2024 JP Vision Rigg Set 2,0....Hauspreis anfragen!

2024 JP Vision Rigg Set 2,0....Hauspreis anfragen!
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Preis: 549.00 EUR
inkl. 19 % MwSt.

JP Vision Rigg Set  kids / junior & starter rigg


Vision Rigg 2,0

  • Size: ............... 2,0
  • Gabel / Vorliek..---
  • Variotop: ........fixed
  • IMCS / MAST:......2 pcs. RDM 250  Alloy
  • Boom:.................Boom Alloy fixed >125 cm
  • Zubehör:............. Startschot, Mastfuß und Transporttasche
  • Latten: ...........1
  • Cams:.............--
  • Anwendung:... kids / junior & starter rigg







Balancing lightness and control, the number of battens and their position is adjusted individually to each sail size and to the range of use. The smaller sails come with only one full batten to keep the weight low, to catch light winds easily and to deliver power smoothly. The bigger the sail the more battens it has in order to increase control. The biggest sizes come with four full and two short battens for a more stable profile and also have a moderately loose leech which allows the sail to perform also when the wind picks up a bit.


The Vision rig is efficient and durable with a full-Dacron® cloth with PVC window which is light, strong, UV resistant and very durable for everyday use. Thus, it qualifies for the toughest test – the use in windsurfing centres! The soft sail material provides great feedback for beginners and is very forgiving at the same time. Kids can easily hold the reduced diameter boom and the 2-colour grip helps to differentiate between port and starboard tack.


The set contains a sail, a reduced diameter boom with uphaul, a 2 piece mast and mast foot. The whole rig comes in a neat bag for easy storage and transport.





1.Full DACRON® sail with PVC window (no monofilm!)
2.Reduced diameter boom
3.Blind-stitched foot area
4.Reinforced clew
5.Light fix-top and adjusted mast length
















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